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Welcome to amzylite

A warm welcome from Saccharides Science and Technology.

Since its founding in 2004, Saccharides Science & Technology Ltd Pharmaceuticals (SST) is poised to turn its rich repository of medical research into therapeutic realities. Its unique concept in reversed medical research concentrates on gathering physiological intelligence of healthy individuals and understanding the biomolecular deficiencies that leads to diseases. 

Saccharides Science is taking a different approach in research. We believe in first understanding the physiological factors that leads to the disease and developing a therapy that perfectly fits the human biomolecular profile. Our challenge is to make medicines that promises wellness without the adverse side effects.

F1.3 is synthesised from safe and natural ingredients such as enzymatic extracts of bacterial and fungal cultures under stringent good manufacturing practice guidelines.

Amzylite F1.3
Amzylite F1.3 30 Capsule Bottles